Dating Choices

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How will choices I make while dating impact me?

Dating Choices

Everyday we make choices. Every choice we make affects the lives of others. Our choices may seem simple, but the reality is each choice we make has positive or negative consequences. In dating relationships we make choices on a regular basis. Consider the following choices that everyone who dates must make.

1) To treat the people we date with respect or not.
2) To be kind rather than mean.
3) To take advantage of the people you date or to refuse to hurt the people you date.
4) To be happy or sad on your dates.
5) To lift others up or tear them down.
6) To act like a gentleman or not.
7) To act like a lady or not.
8) To send value into the hearts of your dates or not.
9) To abuse someone (emotionally, verbally, physically, sexually) or not.

These are choices we make all of the time. They may seem simple, when in reality these choices affect how close we get to others. They also affect how intimate we become in our relationships.



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